History of the Department
     Department of mechanics and material science was established by order of the first rector, Professor Vladimir Y. Maslov, November 10, 1974 in connection with the organization of the Kremenchug branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. It was led by stretch and led the team of the department, over the years, Professor Vitaly M. Comir

Віталій  Михайлович  Комір       Department of mechanics and material science was established on the basis of two disciplines taught from the time of its formation, theoretical mechanics and strength of materials. Later it became a base of engineering training technical skills of high school.

       The first is the department had A. Ivanov, A. Ovcharuk, M. Samoilov, Y. Markov, V. Dotsenko, T. Kopylash, ZH. Pirogova, M. Usyk. In those years, began his teaching career scientists V. Napadaylo, V. Vorobyov, V. Chebenko.
       The first step was to create a department staff modern laboratory facilities. This was only possible thanks to the initiative and persistence of all staff and basic help enterprises. Based in the short term laboratory meet all the requirements of higher education.
       To be especially painstaking labor veterans Branch - M. Samoilov, Y. Markov, Yu. Voronin, G. Tenditnyka and later - Head of Laboratory O. Mogilko. Strength of Materials Laboratory is one of the best universities of its kind in Ukraine.

Пєєв Андрій Михайлович

Now the department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor - Andrew M. Pyeyev.
    1976 birth. In 1998 he graduated from Kremenchug State Polytechnic Institute "Mechanical Engineering". Kandydattehnichnyh Sciences since 2006. In 2008. awarded the rank of associate professor. Teaching experience in higher educational institutions III - IV accreditation level of 16, including Kremenchug State Polytechnic University Michael Ostrogradskiy 16 years.
      The main stages of educational activities in higher educational institutions III - IV accreditation levels:
- From 01.11.2001 g. By 10.02.2006 p. - Kremenchug State Polytechnic University, Department of Technical Mechanics;
- From 10.02.2006 p. And present - Kremenchuk University, Associate Professor of Engineering Mechanics.
- From 02/01/2015 temporarily appointed Acting Head of the Department of Mechanics and Materials.

In 2012 was annexed Chair "Descriptive geometry and computer graphics", and in 2013 merged with the Department "Engineering Materials". Since then, the department called "Mechanics and Materials" and began to graduate.

      Currently, the Department provide teachers study the following disciplines:
1. Mechanical properties and construction
2. The strength of materials
3. Strength of Materials
4. Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics, Technical Mechanics
5. Applied Mechanics
6. Applied theory of vibrations
     If the department are postgraduate and doctoral specialty 05.15.09 "Geotechnical and Mining Engineering."
Resolution of the Presidium of HAC Ukraine on April 13, 2005 р. № 26-08 / 3 at the Department of Engineering Mechanics at Kremenchug State Polytechnic University Michael Ostrogradskiy created specialized academic council K 45.052.02 with the right to consideration and protection of theses for the degree of Candidate technical sciences, specialty 05.15.09 - "Geotechnical and mining engineering."

The department created or obtained Collected Works "Modern technology resursoenerhozberihayuchi mining". It publishes materials of scientific conferences and scientific articles.

The department perform research on these topics:
1. Mechanical properties of metals and non-metallic materials;
2. The calculation of the strength and structural elements of buildings;
3. Applied problems with vibrations of mechanical systems
4. The development and improvement of existing technologies blasting industry.
     The chair has a scientific school "Investigation of rock and brittle materials under impulsive loads." Thanks to the fruitful work of the staff of the Department 20 candidates and graduate students defended their dissertations. Among them leading production workers, specialists of research institutes (IGTM, Rih Mining Research Institute, Rih Mining Institute). Department Professors V. Vorobyov, V. Chebenkom PhD thesis.
Scientific and technical modifications faculty members of the department are textbooks, monographs, articles, tutorials, methodical, copyright certificates and patents.
Building housing №2   Jeanne L. Pirogova 
In the laboratory Teaching Process
Vitaly M. Comir  Yuri N. Markov 
Lab Victor V. Vorobiev
Alexander M. Ovcharuk Teaching and support staff